Delegated Credentialing

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Delegated Credentialing

More Than a TeleMedicine Provider

The team at TeleSpecialists takes pride in the quality of service to patients and to partner hospitals across the United States. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and accredited by The Joint Commission.

In conjunction with our medical services, TeleSpecialists offers Delegated Credentialing (also known as credentialing by proxy). The growing popularity of telemedicine can put a strain on in-house credentialing resources, and medical facilities look to Delegated Credentialing to alleviate the workload of their internal credentialing team. Utilizing a Delegated Credentialing service allows the facility’s team to process physician credentialing packets faster and often at a net cost-saving to the hospital.

Why choose our proxy services?

In an effort to reduce turnaround time, drive consistent processing quality, and expedite service implementations, at a price that beats external credentialing companies, the team at TeleSpecialists created a streamlined and efficient Delegated Credentialing process for the provision of our telemedicine services.

Once retained, facilities will be assigned a designated credentialing liaison, who will work directly with the facility’s credentialing team to establish expectations, physician packet requirements and due dates. Physician credentialing packets are guaranteed to be tailored to each facility’s specific needs and are submitted to our hospital partners complete and ready for board approval. For established physicians with TeleSpecialists, a packet can be provided as quickly as 24 hours; our entire physician panel’s packet set can be provided to your hospital in an approval-ready format in as little as one week. In fact, we are so confident in the completeness of our physician credentialing packets, your facility will not receive a bill for our Delegated Credentialing services until your board approves our physician.

When contracting with TeleSpecialists’ Delegated Credentialing services, your facility can choose from:

  • One-Time Credentialing Service
  • Credentialing for all TeleSpecialists’ Physicians
  • Credentialing Service and Renewals

Joint Commission
Bureau Veritas Certification
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For credentialing needs, the TeleSpecialists credentialing team gathers:

  • Consent and Release Form
  • TeleSpecialists Application
  • Passport/VISA
  • Naturalization Card or Green Card (if applicable)
  • Social Security Card
  • Photo (passport size)
  • CV
  • Undergraduate, Medical School, Graduate, Internship, Residency, and Fellowship Certificates
  • Board Certification Certificate
  • Case Logs for the past two years
  • CMEs for the past two years
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth Certificate
  • NIHSS Certificate (not required for release of file)
  • Driver’s License
  • 10-year address history
  • Claims history for the last 10 years
  • DD214 (if applicable)
  • Name of High School attended
  • Login information for NPPES, CAQH, state license boards, FSMB, NBME, NBOME, and any other credentialing online websites
  • EMR Systems used
  • Legal Name Change if applicable
  • Certificates for USMLE, NBME, NBOME, COMPLEX, FLEX and/or ECFMG
  • Completed copies of TB, Influenza, and vaccination records (if available)
  • Copies of current state licenses, DEAs and CDS

When a physician joins the TeleSpecialists group, all new hires are put through our own rigorous internal credentialing process prior to starting. This ensures that our physicians are vetted to meet the highest hospital standards. Our upfront diligence eliminates many issues that could arise during the credentialing process with our partner hospitals.

Upon hire, our Internal Credentialing team verifies and documents the following:

  • All training, expired, and current state licenses
  • All past and current DEA, CDS, and CSR when applicable
  • Board Certifications
  • Malpractice and Claims History for insurance carriers for the last 10 years (back to Internship)
  • All hospital verifications and past and present employment since last post-graduate training completion
  • Sanction Checks (OIG and SAM)
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, Medical School, Internship, Residency, and Fellowship (Education and Post-graduate training)
  • ECFMG (if applicable)
  • 3 peer references
  • FCVS
  • NBME
  • FLEX
  • AMA/AOiA
  • Background Check

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Interested in learning more about how TeleSpecialists can provide Delegated Credentialing services for your hospital?  We’ll review your situation and offer a proposal to address your Medical Staff workload and meet or exceed your project timelines.