TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding Services

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TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding Services

To complement our TeleStroke services, TeleSpecialists offers general TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding to provide follow-up consults for retained stroke patients and routine, non-emergent neurological consults for admitted new patients. Our TeleNeurologists conveniently round on patients in the comfort of your hospital’s inpatient setting, addressing diverse neurological symptoms such as:
• dizziness
• vertigo
• transient ischemic attack (TIA)
• migraine
• seizure
• metabolic encephalopathy
• lumbar radiculopathy

TeleSpecialists can provide routine EEG interpretation services and remote long-term and prolonged EEG interpretation.

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Our TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding service involves an onsite delegate to manage the rounds with a telemedicine cart and our connected physician. Our physician on cart functions much like an in-person neurohospitalists, with his or her services provided virtually. Orders are updated by the neurologist and entered directly in your EMR. Standardization of rounding workflows allows our physicians to seamlessly partner with the hospital-based team to ensure the highest quality of care.

Delegated Credentialing

In conjunction with our medical services, TeleSpecialists offers Delegated Credentialing (also known as credentialing by proxy). The growing popularity of telemedicine can put a strain on in-house credentialing resources, and oftentimes medical facilities are looking increasingly to Delegated Credentialing to alleviate the workload of their internal credentialing team.

Coverage and Scheduling
Free up the schedules of staff neurologists, so they may assist other patients, develop outpatient services, or take well-deserved time off. In some facilities, TeleSpecialists services all neurology needs. In other situations, TeleSpecialists coverage supplements the efforts of staff neurologists.

Stroke Patient Retention
Scheduled rounding through telemedicine allows hospitals to retain patients that otherwise may need to be transferred. Our services allow your hospital to avoid costly transfers, by keeping your patients close to home. This may also help to increase your market presence in your community, with constant access to expert neurological care.

Continuity of Care
Continual physician training, case reviews, and handoff workflows are part of our care model designed to drive efficiencies and improve patient outcomes and experiences for a comprehensive TeleNeurology program.

Financial Impact
Patient retention of high-acuity neurological cases may increase the Case Mix Index (CMI) for your location. The bill coding for more complex patients includes high-paying DRGs.


  • 24/7/365 coverage for comprehensive neurologic services; timely acute care as well as routine and follow up consultations.
  • By offering enhanced neurological services through telemedicine, facilities can increase market share and improve regional reputation.
  • TeleNeuroHospitalist presence can help improve patient retention with patients seen acutely by providing neurology support to follow up on the patient. This allows facilities to maintain appropriate patients and avoid costly transfers.
  • TeleSpecialists can help improve Patient Satisfaction Scores.


  • TeleSpecialists has Board-certified neurologists available at a moment’s notice.
  • Subspecialty expertise including epileptologist, movement disorder specialists, neuromuscular specialists and Stroke and Vascular Neurologists available for specialty consultations.


  • TeleSpecialists provides service that allows coverage for gaps in call schedule to allow a comprehensive TeleNeurology program to scale.


  • TeleSpecialists utilizes lean management principles: a process improvement methodology that focuses on removing ‘waste’ from a process and solving problems through application of a standardized workflow.
  • TeleSpecialists is the only telemedicine company to earn the ISO 9001:2015 certification, through Bureau Veritas.
  • Extensive experience in treatment protocols for a variety of neurologic disorders.
  • Modules for comprehensive state-of-the-art TeleNeurology program education.
  • Inpatient order sets designed for specialty care.
  • Platinum Corporate partnership with American Telemedicine Association (ATA).
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TeleSpecialists provides comprehensive TeleNeurology consultation services to help facilities develop programs from the ground up. Through experience with many major health care systems across the US, we realize the challenges of navigating the ever-changing telehealth landscape and are ready to help your hospital with consistent and high-quality service.

Nancy Futrell, MD

Dr. Futrell received her medical degree from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also did her neurology residency at the University of Utah as well as a research fellowship in cerebral vascular disease at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has authored 2 books and 50 peer reviewed papers.