Dec, 2019

2019 ASA Guidelines for the Early Management of Patients with AIS

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The American Stroke Association (ASA) has released its Guidelines for the Early Management of Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS): 2019 Update to the 2018 Guidelines for the Early Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Guideline for Healthcare Professionals. The updates contain general recommendations based on the currently available evidence to guide clinicians responsible for acute ischemic stroke patient management. The target reader would be, according to the AHA, prehospital…



Oct, 2019

The TeleSpecialists Advantage – The Onboarding Process 

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When researching companies that offer TeleStroke services, there are certain keywords and phrases that should come to mind assisting you with your search: ☑ Efficient Processes ☑ Cost-effective Solutions ☑ Board-certified Vascular-trained Neurologists With telemedicine technology becoming increasingly popular,…



Sep, 2019

How Telemedicine Can Boost a Health System’s Bottom Line

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According to the AHA (American Hospital Association), the use of telemedicine has risen 76% over the last decade, making telehealth an increasingly sought-after tool for healthcare. This upsurge can be attributed to the effectiveness in enhancing quality patient care as well as its revenue retention opportunities.   Studies have repeatedly shown that the quality of care provided by telemedicine is comparable, if not more comprehensive, to traditional in-person consultation thus making…