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  What is your definition of a 5-minute average physician response time?

At TeleSpecialists, our Stroke or Emergent response time averages 5 minutes or less. Our definition of ‘response time’ is from the time the stroke alert is called in to TeleSpecialists, to the time our physicians are on-screen, ready to start caring for the patient, is an average of 5 minutes. We’ve heard that’s faster than some physicians can walk from one side of the hospital to the other!

  What states are you licensed in?

We are licensed in the majority of states in the US.

  Do we need to purchase specific software or carts to use your services?

We are technology neutral; our physicians will log into your EMR, on your cart with your video services with no specific software or carts to purchase from us. However, if you are looking for a turn-key telemedicine package, we work with several major technology vendors and will be happy to assist in putting together a high-quality, cost-effective solution for your needs.

  What is your average time from stroke call to doctor at bedside?

Our physicians average 4 to 5 minutes from call to bedside presence. Physicians are immediately dispatched to the telecart, without the use of a triage nurse or other intermediary, as soon as our call center is notified of the stroke alert.

  How does your company bill for services?

We bill for services based on encounter, plus a shift fee for being on call. Our hospital partners only pay for the strokes they call in, with no additional hidden costs or monthly fees.

  Are your TeleNeurologists board-certified?

Yes, we only recruit board-certified, fellowship trained neurologists with specific sub-specialty training such as vascular neurology. We hire US based, US trained neurologists that have clinical stroke experience and inpatient neurohospitalist care experience.

  Can you help us become a Primary or Comprehensive Stroke Center?

TeleSpecialists’ physician leadership assists in reviewing your hospital’s gap analysis for accreditation, analyzing and making recommendations on your protocols, and procedures related to acute stroke to meet best practices as recognized by the American Stroke Association. TeleSpecialists’ panel of experts can assist with obtaining and maintaining accreditation for primary and comprehensive stroke center and American Heart/American Stroke Association accolades.