Teleneurology & Telemedicine Services

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What is TeleNeurology?

TeleNeurology is the technical term used for a neurological consultation or exam performed remotely via teleconferencing. This evolving branch of telemedicine replaces in-person neurological care and helps reduce wait times for neurological patients.


Together, we build a state-of-the-art TeleStroke program within your hospital’s infrastructure, with our neurologists responding to Stroke Alerts and other STAT neurology consults.

TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding

To complement our TeleStroke services, TeleSpecialists offers general TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding to provide follow-up consults for retained stroke patients and routine, non-emergent neurological consults for admitted new patients.


To support sleep labs and sleep clinics, we provide comprehensive TeleSleep physician services, including sleep study interpretation and clinic-based sleep consultations with the option of medical director oversight of the program.


By partnering with TeleSpecialists for your EEG reads, you will have access to experienced neurologists to analyze and interpret EEGs, helping your staff to manage internal capacity and achieve consistent EEG turnaround times.

Delegated Credentialing

In an effort to reduce turnaround time, drive consistent processing quality, and expedite service implementations, we created a streamlined and efficient Delegated Credentialing process for the provision of our telemedicine services.


TeleSpecialists TelePsychiatrists work alongside your facility’s team to provide psychiatric assessments, create treatment plans and next level of care recommendations.

To help solve the national shortage of neurologists, TeleSpecialists has a team of expert TeleNeurologists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of board-certified neurologists can consult with patients in your hospital’s setting. For emergent neurological cases, your patients will have access to an experienced, stroke trained TeleNeurologist within minutes with our TeleStroke service. For patients needing neurological follow up or scheduled rounding, TeleSpecialists offers TeleNeuroHospitalist rounding.

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TeleNeurology Effectiveness

Telemedicine allows a neurologist to examine or consult with an acute patient at a moment’s notice or easily access a neurologist in a NeuroHospitalist setting.

Because much of a neurological consult can be done with the help of a trained nurse and using visual tests or by reading and interpreting scans, hospitals and medical facilities can take advantage of TeleNeurology to better serve their patients. TeleSpecialists focuses on:

  • Emergent neurology – strokes and seizures.
  • Non-emergent neurology – rounding and follow-up exams in a hospital setting.
  • EEG reading and interpretation.

TeleSpecialists TeleNeurology benefits hospitals and patients:
teleneurology services & telemedicine services

  • TeleNuerology allows a board-certified neurologist to be bedside with a patient within 10 minutes of the stroke alert call. This is often faster than it takes a physician to walk across the hospital!
  • Our neurologists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our standardized workflow, developed with the help of the hospital team, allows TeleSpecialists to provide the same high-quality care at 2am or 2pm.
  • TeleNeurology allows physicians to concentrate on hospital services and other necessary hands-on work.

Managed TeleNeurology Services

The field of neurological medicine is struggling to keep up with the patient load. Burnout for Neurologists is the second-highest among medical specialties. The stress from the demand of a high patient load can be alleviated with a well-managed TeleNeurology team in place to supplement in-person care. Both physicians and patients are happier when care is administered quickly, financial burdens are lower, and stroke-program metrics are improved.

Emergent TeleNeurology Services

TeleSpecialists has emerged as a leader in Emergent TeleStroke and TeleNeurology services. A stroke patient needs help immediately. While a neurologist may be elsewhere delaying patient care, a TeleSpecialists’ TeleNeurologist can be bed side, on screen, in an average of five minutes. This quick reaction time can help improve patient outcome and saves lives. With their extensive clinical stroke experience, a TeleSpecialists TeleNeurologist’s interaction with patients is much the same as it is with an in-person physician.

Technology-Based Care-First Model

TeleSpecialists was founded and is lead by a group of neurologists. Our entire company focus is providing care to the patient as quickly and efficiently as possible. All TeleSpecialists neurologists are board-certified, fellowship-trained, and have clinical stroke experience. We are neither a technology company nor a “doc in a box”. We are a group of passionate medical professionals dedicated to quality patient interactions and metrics. Each of our hospitals receive a dedicated Quality Program Specialist (QPS) to work hand-in-hand with a hospital liaison (usually a Stroke Coordinator) to provide continued process improvement efforts, metric goals and case reviews.

Our team strives to remain on the cutting edge of telemedicine. We are constantly evolving by:

  • Requiring the continuing education of our physicians and QPS team.
  • Following American Heart Association guidelines.
  • Discussing and following current best practices in stroke care.
  • Constantly creating tools to help hospitals and physicians assess, diagnose, and treat stroke patients faster.

Telemedicine Technologies

While some telemedicine companies require the use of proprietary software to gain access to their doctors, TeleSpecialists is technology vendor-neutral. We have worked successfully with most major cart, video platform, and EMR systems. However, our broad experience with many technology platforms has been distilled into best practices and minimum specifications to drive operational efficiency. If the minimum specifications are in place, your hospital will have the option to use your existing cart and video platform with no specific software or carts to purchase from us or install. If your team is just starting out, we are happy to advise your team regarding technology selection.

teleneurology services & telemedicine services