TeleEEG Services

TeleEEG Services – EEG Interpretation Services

To complement our TeleStroke and TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding services, TeleSpecialists offers remote EEG interpretation services via telemedicine. By partnering with TeleSpecialists for your electroencephalogram reads, you will have access to experienced neurologists to analyze and interpret EEGs via our teleEEG services, helping your staff to manage internal capacity and achieve consistent electroencephalogram turnaround times.

TeleEEG Program

  • Daily access to a TeleNeurologist to assess reads
  • STAT and Routine interpretation options
  • Documentation directly into the hospital’s EMR
  • Interpretations are done in a timely manner and in accordance with hospital bylaws

Routine EEG (Non-STAT)

Once a hospital-based EEG Technician notifies our Rapid Response Center that an EEG is ready, our TeleNeurologist interprets the study, then accesses the hospital’s EMR to document the report directly into the patient’s chart.


When a STAT EEG is called into our Rapid Response Center, a TeleNeurologist will be assigned to see the patient, then interpret the electroencephalogram.  A report is then immediately documented in the EMR.

Long-Term EEG*   

TeleSpecialists offers the interpretation of long-term or prolonged EEG studies. Typically, these studies are 12 to 24-hours in duration. Our TeleNeurologist reviews each study at least once daily, and then again at its completion. The reports are documented daily in the EMR, and again at the time of completion.

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*TeleSpecialists does not provide interpretation for continuous electroencephalogram (monitored) or intraoperative electroencephalogram monitoring.

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