TeleSleep Services

TeleSleep Services

To support healthcare facilities that own and operate a sleep lab and/or sleep clinic, TeleSpecialists offers comprehensive TeleSleep services, including sleep study interpretation and clinic-based sleep consultations, both initial and follow-up. The TeleSpecialists TeleSleep services program includes a detailed implementation procedure, ongoing scheduling support through our Rapid Response Center (RRC), and a quality review service to ensure best quality outcomes. TeleSpecialists also offers the option of medical director oversight of the TeleSleep program.

Our ABSM board-certified sleep medicine physicians are available to your patients through a set schedule of clinic hours, enabling your team to book consults and provide timely access to a sleep medicine specialist via telemedicine.

Our implementation team works with your sleep lab staff to develop workflows and schedules, to meet the needs of sleep patients in your community. An operational TeleSleep program allows people suffering from any major sleep disorder to receive initial consultations, specialized testing and treatments where these services were previously unavailable due to sleep physician availability or location. Sleep consultations will be readily available with expanded access to sleep experts, provided closer to the patient’s home.

TeleSleep Program

Sleep Study Interpretations

TeleSpecialists’ sleep physicians can interpret sleep studies conducted at-home or in-lab. The facility’s staff will work directly with the patient to coordinate completion of an at-home study or schedule the patient to complete an attended in-lab study conducted by the facility’s sleep certified technicians.

Upon completion of the study, the facility’s technicians will complete their scoring and notify TeleSpecialists that the study is ready for interpretation. A TeleSpecialists sleep physician will log in remotely to the facility’s EMR, review the study, and document their findings. The physician’s note may be sent by the facility’s support staff back to the referring physician for follow-up. Or, if TeleSpecialists is providing consulting TeleSleep services, the TeleSpecialists sleep physician would also conduct a follow-up consult with the patient.

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Sleep Clinic Consults

TeleSpecialists’ board-certified sleep physicians can conduct both initial and follow-up sleep consultation clinic visits. Patients that are referred for an initial sleep consultation will be seen by a TeleSpecialists physician via our telesleep program (telemedicine) to assess their condition and determine if further testing is needed. If needed, the physician will order and work with the facility’s staff to coordinate the completion of an at-home or in-lab sleep study test for the patient.

Sleep study consult visits will be held via telehealth, conducted at the sleep lab with the assistance of a telepresenter. A telemedicine cart meeting the minimum technical specifications will be required and will require peripherals including a digital stethoscope and otoscope. TeleSpecialists will work with the facility to determine a set of designated clinic hours for patient consults to be scheduled within.

Conditions that may be evaluated via the TeleSleep Program include:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Circadian rhythm disorders
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Insomnia
  • Parasomnia
  • Snoring
  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS)
  • Shift work/jet lag disorders
  • Women’s sleep disorders
  • Sleep terrors
  • Sleep with neuro/psychiatric complications
  • Idiopathic Hypersomnia

Operational Support

TeleSpecialists has a Rapid Response Center (RRC) to take calls from TeleSpecialists clients. Your sleep facility will have access to the support and infrastructure of the RRC in coordinating the completion of sleep study interpretations and scheduling sleep consult clinic visits.

  • For sleep study interpretation: Your staff will simply place a call to the RRC to coordinate the physician assignment for completion.
  • For sleep consults: Your staff will schedule patients on the facility side but will work in partnership with the RRC to coordinate designated clinic hours for each month. The RRC will coordinate the physician scheduling based on the designated clinic hours.

Quality Review

TeleSpecialists top priority is the delivery of quality patient care. The TeleSleep services include a dedicated Quality Program Specialist (QPS) assigned to provide the following services:

  • Meet regularly with the facility’s staff
  • Share quality performance data
  • Partner with staff in reviewing quality data
  • Ensure that the established metrics are being met

Medical Director Oversight

As an option, TeleSpecialists offers medical director oversight to assist with meeting accreditation requirements and/or ensuring proper clinical oversight of the sleep clinic or lab. The Medical Director will work directly with the sleep clinic or lab staff to ensure the following:

  • Confirm proper training and qualifications
  • Ensure quality assurance metrics are being met
  • Assist with policies and procedures
  • Provide staff education and support
  • Maintain safe and smooth program operations

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