Lean transformation

Through process of lean transformation, TeleSpecialists assists in organizing a fantastic program of process improvement to achieve markers of quality and excellence recognized by The Joint Commission and CMS. This is achieved through a process of Value Stream Mapping designed to visualize work flows of the emergent acute care of stroke patients.

What is Lean?

  • Lean is a methodology and management system
  • Lean methodology includes tools and techniques designed to maximize patient value and reduce waste
  • Lean Methodology is focused on improving overall efficiencies, quality and patient/customer satisfaction.

Lean Process Improvement workshop targets:

  • Define a New Process to facilitate D2N less than 60 minutes
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities for all team members in the new D2N process
  • Establish consistent Reliable Practices to collect and record timing data
  • Institute methods to Track progress toward targets


  • Increase process efficiency
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce variability
  • Homogenize practice
  • Improve Quality
multicolor chart pointing to different steps of lean transformation

Process Improvement model in Emergency Department is implemented through Value Stream Mapping.
A Value stream is the set of all of all actions in place to bring efficient processes in the Emergency Department with goals of obtaining goal DTN times.
Value Stream Mapping produces a visual map of process flows within the emergency department. Value Stream Mapping is used to visualize process flow, identify opportunities for improvement, eliminate waste and prioritize improvements.

Define Opportunities for improvement:

  • Define Process Steps
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities
  • Decrease Variation
  • Increase standardization
  • Accountability and leadership empowerment