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Saving lives through access – anytime, anywhere.

TeleSpecialists provides comprehensive consultation services to help facilities develop TeleStroke and TeleNeuroHospitalist programs from the ground up. Having partnered with many major health care systems across the US, we realize the challenges of navigating the ever-changing telehealth landscape and the multitude of available technologies. With a focus on collaboration and patient outcomes, our physician-owned service team uses innovative technology, efficient protocols and continued medical expertise to help hospitals expand and improve delivery of medical offerings, thus making the location an indispensable community asset. TeleSpecialists will work with your organization to develop and launch a first-rate telemedicine program, help you select the technology that meets your needs, and provide access to experienced, high-quality physicians for your patients.

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TeleStroke and Emergent TeleNeurology

With the findings of the DAWN Trial and revisions to the AHA stroke guidelines, stroke patients now have a greater window of treatment time.

An influx of potential thrombectomy candidates is driving a greater need for neurologists to evaluate emergent cases. TeleSpecialists can fill coverage gaps to enhance your TeleStroke program with our Board-Certified neurologists.

TeleStroke Services

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Our TeleNeuroHospitalists can complement your TeleStroke service as a non-emergent, follow-up service, which often allows facilities to retain stroke patients and avoid costly transfers. Admitted patients gain access to a neurologist for routine neurological consults. Standardization of rounding workflows allow our physicians to seamlessly partner with the hospital team to ensure the highest quality of care.

TeleNeuroHospitalist Services

The TeleSpecialists Advantage


TeleSpecialists becomes an integrated extension of your team – ongoing collaboration streamlines delivery of quality patient care, with training and marketing resources provided.

Lean Implementation

Lean tools such as Value Stream Mapping are used to identify and remove inefficiencies and minimize variability in processes, resulting in a lean environment for stroke alerts.

Rapid TeleStroke

Rapid TeleStroke response brings a neurologist to bedside within 5 minutes, on average, from the time your call is placed. This results in dramatic improvement of average Door-To-Needle(DTN) times and patient outcomes.

Increased Alteplase Utilization

Rapid medical decision making, stroke diagnosis and adherence to evidence-based medicine and recent AHA guidelines, which leads to increased alteplase utilization rates, generally between 13% to 20%.

Improved Patient Retention

Our TeleNeuroHospitalist service allows for non-emergent rounding and can help to fill coverage gaps, providing 24/7 comprehensive neurologic coverage and decreasing patient transfers.

Order Entry Directly in EMR

TeleSpecialists physicians document in your EMR and place orders in the native CPOE systems to provide efficient data management of doctor instructions and reduce staff liability concerns.

Increased Market Share

Increase patient volume and improve the regional reputation of your facility, through expanded patient retention options, rapid access to specialists, and implementation of advanced telemedicine workflows. TeleSpecialists can also help your facility to partner with local EMS and assist with achieving and maintaining Stroke Center Certification.

The TeleSpecialists Effect


consults per month


minutes – average time to bedside at TeleSpecialists locations


percent of patients have door-to-needle times of less than 45 minutes


year TeleSpecialists was founded by neurologists

Our team can work with your facility to create, enhance or complement your telemedicine program. As a physician-owned company, patient care is always our first priority as we lead the way into the future of health care.

Request a Service Overview

As a quality physician group, TeleSpecialists, LLC offers comprehensive neuroscience services that will provide emergent and non-emergent care for patients at your facility. Learn more about how TeleSpecialists services differentiates its services from other providers by requesting a service overview.

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What Our Hospital Partners Say About Us

  • "Using the Value Stream Mapping and the Post-it Notes helped us solve little problems that we didn’t even know existed...so that we could shave off every single second available, so that we could save as much brain as possible."

    Ingrid Royster, RN,
    Manager of Critical Care, Tampa Community Hospital

  • "TeleSpecialists have improved our facility’s stroke response dramatically. We improved from administering live-saving drugs within 30 minutes 50% of the time to 80% of the time. Their physicians are an integral part of our Emergency Department team who assess the patient quickly and intervene. Our clinicians’ knowledge of stroke symptoms has increased because the TeleSpecialists talk through their assessment and treatment plans in a coordinated fashion with our team."

    Gwen Lambert, MSN, RN, NE-BC,
    Director of Professional Practice, CHS Pineville

  • "Using TeleSpecialists for acute stroke services at CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center – Marshall has helped us provide our patients with neurological care at the bedside that would otherwise be unavailable. Through this service we are able to quickly evaluate patients for acute stroke while helping decrease door-to-needle times."

    Sandi Wagner, RN,
    Telemedicine and Stroke Coordinator, CHRUSTUS Good Shepherd Marshall

  • "TeleSpecialists services have allowed us to improve our tPA administration times by drastically decreasing Door-To-Needle time and increasing tPA utilization.  In addition, they have assisted in streamlining acute stroke transfer protocols for endovascular consideration from our surrounding primary and acute stroke ready facilities."

    Candice Gerber, RN,
    Comprehensive Stroke Program Coordinator, Northside Hospital

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