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Our TeleNeuroHospitalist Service is “Virtually” Changing the Game in Patient Care

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Only 16 hours earlier, a TeleSpecialists’ neurologist was beamed into a telecart for a stroke alert.  The patient was quickly stabilized thanks to the TeleStroke service provided by TeleSpecialists and admitted to the hospital for further evaluation. Fast forward to the morning after, the patient lies in the hospital bed anxiously awaiting their test results and follow up exam from the care received from the night prior.  Much to the pleasant surprise of the patient, it’s the neurologist who assisted in the care from the night before.    

What made this possible?  TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding.  TeleSpecialists’ TeleNeuroHospitalist service is available to hospitals, as a complement to TeleStroke service.  The technology of telemedicine has made this type of patient care possible and is the answer to hospitals’ greatest hurdle…. shortage of specialty physicians on staff such as neurologists.   

How does it work?  The hospital nurse on staff calls the TeleNeuroHospitalist to schedule the follow-ups needed for that day.  The nurse then will roll the telecart into the patient’s room, turn on the screen and the TeleNeuroHospitalist will appear to the patient exactly like a TeleStroke situation.  All in real-time, the patient is examined with the assistance of the nurse; the prior evening’s test results are communicated to the patient and the rehab care is also discussed.    

Notes are all entered directly into the hospital’s database.  What this means for the patient is timely, quality care after having suffered a stroke the night before.  What this means for the hospital is a comprehensive workflow and specialists on your team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Gone are the days of having to worry about a shortage of physicians available to perform follow-ups from the stroke patients from the night before.  As a hospital administrator, you can rest assured that your patients are receiving high quality, compassionate care through your hospital and our team of physicians.    

Telemedicine is saving the lives of so many stroke victims through the technology of TeleStroke, and now TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding allows patients with symptoms such as seizure, metabolic encephalopathy, lumbar radiculopathy, and vertigo to be seen in hospitals that may not have neurologists available around the clock. TeleNeuroHospitalist services may also free up on-site neurologists’ schedules so they may assist other patients, or take well-deserved time off.  

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