Jul, 2020

TeleSpecialists EMS Informational Video

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Dr. Vahid Behravan: Hello, I'm Dr. Vahid Behravan. I'm a neurologist with TeleSpecialists and today I'm joined by two of my amazing colleagues, Dr. Teresa Sevilis and Dr. Jessica Floyd. Dr. Floyd is a neurologist and fellowship trained in clinical neurophysiology. And Dr. Sevilis is a neurologist and fellowship trained in vascular neurology. They both have extensive experience in TeleNeurology and acute neurological care. We all know that Emergency Medical…



Dec, 2019

Stroke Best Practice of the TeleSpecialists Pit Stop Program™… When Every Second Counts

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When you think of NASCAR, you can’t help but think of speed. The main objective is to get to the finish line as fast as possible, and during the race there is a crew standing by to ensure that the car and driver get to their destination without a hitch. If the car has a flat tire or smoking engine, it can’t finish the race…. can it? The NASCAR driver…