May, 2020

RadioMD Interview: When To Go To An ER – Even During a Pandemic

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Listen to TeleSpecialists Partner and TeleNeurologist, Dr. Amanda Avila, speak with RadioMD.com on how people are avoiding going to emergency rooms during COVID-19 even when they should be going for other medical emergencies. [su_button url="http://radiomd.com/show/covid-19-daily/item/42320-when-to-go-to-an-er-even-during-a-pandemic" target="blank" background="#ffffff" color="#3690c1" size="10"…



Mar, 2020

Four Key Components For a Successful TeleStroke Program

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Learn how a quality-focused TeleStroke program can drive positive results. TeleSpecialists works closely with our hospital partners to ensure a data-driven, high-quality TeleStroke program. We won't settle for less – and neither should your facility. Click on the image below for the infographic. RECRUITING - QUALITY PHYSICIANS Board-certified, Stroke-trained Neurologists Clinically trained, experienced TeleNeurologists can make or break a telestroke program. Our recruiting department works around the clock searching for…