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The TeleSpecialists Advantage – The Onboarding Process 

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When researching companies that offer TeleStroke services, there are certain keywords and phrases that should come to mind assisting you with your search:

☑ Efficient Processes
☑ Cost-effective Solutions
☑ Board-certified Vascular-trained Neurologists

With telemedicine technology becoming increasingly popular, it is essential for the facility decision-makers to take those components one step further in order to separate the so-so companies from the best in the business. When evaluating the various telemedicine companies out there, also ask if they provide the following with their service:

☑ Lean Management
☑ Standardized Workflows
☑ Gap Analysis
☑ Regular Quality Assessments with Improvement Recommendations
☑ A Dedicated Quality Specialist for Your Facility

TeleSpecialists offers these services as a part of our telemedicine service – and so much more. In fact, TeleSpecialists provides superior service along with a carefully designed custom plan for each of our hospital partner’s needs. The process begins with the initial conversation between our business development team and continues after our services are implemented, through routine continuous improvement meetings. We tailor our workflows to the facility to ensure the highest quality and most effective program is implemented.

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We’ve designed our unique Telemedicine Systems Development Life Cycle (TSDLC), and it consists of four phases:

☑ Planning and Analysis
☑ Design
☑ Lean Transformation
☑ Monitoring and Support

It is through these four phases that we can implement the type of TeleStroke and TeleNeuroHospitalist rounding programs that your health system or hospital requires to maintain quality metrics and the highest yield from quality patient care. We call this the TeleSpecialists Advantage. 

If you are currently utilizing another telemedicine company or if you are speaking with companies with the intention of expanding your facility’s service line into TeleStroke, we encourage you to ask: Do you offer a Telemedicine System Development Life Cycle? TeleSpecialists does and we are saving lives through access, anytime, anywhere.

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