Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the metrics your team measures and tracks?

What is your physician response time for stroke alerts? How quickly does your service respond from the time we initiate a telestroke consult?

We follow the AHA/ASA guideline of 15 minutes. Our own internal goal is to respond in less than 10 minutes to all stroke alert notifications. Currently, our stroke or emergent response time averages under 4 minutes from the time your facility contacts our Rapid Response Center (RRC) to the time we have a Board-certified neurologist on-screen, at bedside. This rapid response is possible because we do not utilize triage nurses. Your call is routed directly to a neurologist.

What are your average Door to Needle times?

Our Door-to-Needle average is 43-45 minutes across all locations. This number includes outliers.

Do you conduct patient satisfaction surveys from your patients as well as your facility partners?

Yes! We conduct both types of surveys. To date, patient satisfaction is between 99-100% and facility satisfaction is over 96%.

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