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What are the advantages of partnering with TeleSpecialists?

What are the advantages of partnering with TeleSpecialists?

TeleSpecialists is a physician-owned, physican-led company and was founded on the basis of lean, efficient and quality-driven patient care. Partnering with a company like ours, hospitals and patient care are put first, not profit.

We don’t want to be a provider that just appears on screen sometime after a stroke alert. We want to partner with your hospital, create a streamlined and efficient stroke program and provide high-quality, stroke trained TeleNeurologists that will treat your patients as well as you do. Our Quality team wants your hospitals to succeed and thrive, and will provide process improvement and best practices to keep programs working at peak performance.

Interested in learning more about how TeleSpecialists works to strengthen your TeleMedicine program? Check out our Support Services.

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