Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bill for services?

How do you bill for services?

We invoice the hospital monthly for services based on encounter, plus a shift fee for being on call. Our hospital partners are only invoiced for services when we are called upon, with no additional hidden costs or monthly fees.

Does your company waive physician billing rights?

Yes, we do waive billing rights. In some cases, we will explore billing for facilities, seeking to understand your situation and billing preferences. With reimbursement models changing rapidly, there is the possibility of waiving and alternatively billing Medicare, then reducing charges to the hospital, based upon reimbursement levels. Please request a discussion of your specific interests regarding billing, and we can develop a billing solution together to fit your facility’s needs.

Will you assist with billing discrepancies?

Yes, we have a billing department that will be happy to assist you. If you are with a current hospital partner and have a billing question, please call 239-208-2206 and ask for billing assistance.